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Staten Island Photo Spots

If you’re looking for beautiful Staten Island photo spots to book your next wedding, engagement, or event photography session, here are some of our favorites.

Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden

The Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden stands as a luminous beacon of New York's rich cultural and natural legacy. This unique locale, with its historic edifices, varied botanical gardens, and expansive waterfront vistas, weaves a captivating blend of historical allure and natural splendor, presenting an unparalleled setting for photoshoots of all kinds. 

The essence of Snug Harbor is magnified through its plethora of photographic backdrops—from the Tuscan Garden's romantic allure, characterized by elegant architecture and verdant foliage, to the whimsical charm of a miniature castle and vine-clad arches. These settings, along with the majestic historic buildings and meticulously cared-for grounds, imbue photographs with a sense of grandeur and timeless elegance, ideal for a spectrum of photography genres including weddings and engagements.

Engagement photoshoots at the Botanical Gardens invite couples to explore the idyllic surroundings and celebrate their love amidst a symphony of colors and textures. Whether strolling hand-in-hand through winding pathways or stealing a kiss beneath beautiful boughs, the gardens provide a myriad of captivating settings to capture the joy and excitement of this special time. From candid moments of laughter to tender embraces against the backdrop of blooming arbors, each photograph becomes a cherished keepsake, preserving the essence of a love that's blossoming amidst nature's splendor.

Beyond romantic occasions, the Botanical Gardens serve as a beautiful location for capturing a range of life's milestones. Whether celebrating anniversaries, graduations, or family reunions, the gardens offer a serene sanctuary where cherished memories are etched against the backdrop of nature's bounty. With its harmonious blend of botanical diversity and historical charm, the Snug Harbor Botanical Gardens invite visitors to immerse themselves in the allure of nature's embrace, offering an exquisite canvas for capturing the magic of life's most precious moments.


The Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Gardens ensures that photographers can capture elegant photos in a beautiful setting, with a small fee of $150 for a two-hour permit to use the grounds as a canvas. We invite you to consider the beauty of Snug Harbor, one of our favorite Staten Island photo spots.

Silver Lake Park

Silver Lake State Park in New York is a picturesque haven amidst the serene landscapes of Staten Island. Renowned for its tranquil ambiance and breathtaking scenery, this park serves as an ideal backdrop for capturing timeless moments, making it a coveted photo spot for weddings, engagements, and other events.

One of the most compelling features of Silver Lake State Park is its pristine lake, which reflects the surrounding greenery and creates a mesmerizing vista. The calm waters provide a stunning setting for romantic photo sessions, where couples can exchange vows or share intimate moments with the backdrop of glistening waters and lush foliage. The park's well-maintained trails offer endless opportunities for candid shots amidst nature's splendor, with towering trees and vibrant flora adding depth and character to every frame.

Moreover, Silver Lake State Park boasts a diverse array of scenic spots that cater to different preferences and themes. From rustic bridges and quaint gazebos to open meadows and secluded groves, there's no shortage of enchanting settings to suit every couple's vision. Whether it's a sun-kissed afternoon ceremony by the lake or a dreamy sunset shoot amidst golden hues, the park's versatility ensures that every photo session is unique.

Silver Lake State Park offers an idyllic setting that is perfect for any event photo shoot. Its picturesque landscapes, including the aforementioned tranquil lake, lush greenery, and well-maintained trails, provide a diverse range of backdrops to suit various themes and preferences. Whether it's a wedding, engagement, family reunion, or corporate event, Silver Lake State Park offers ample opportunities for capturing memorable moments against the backdrop of natural beauty. The park's serene ambiance and convenient amenities make it an ideal location for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations.

Alice Austen House

Another one of our favorite Staten Island photo spots is the Alice Austen House. The Alice Austen House stands as a timeless beacon of history and romance, offering a picturesque setting for capturing memorable photos. Steeped in the legacy of pioneering photographer Alice Austen herself, this historic landmark exudes an air of old-world charm and artistic inspiration, making it an ideal location for wedding photoshoots, engagement sessions, and other life milestone photography.

For couples embarking on the journey of matrimony, the Alice Austen House provides a captivating backdrop infused with both historical significance and natural beauty. Consider what it would be like to capture candid moments of laughter and tender embraces amidst the quaint charm of the Victorian-era cottage, with panoramic views of New York Harbor as your witness. Skilled photographers like George Pompilio of Xclusive Events can artfully capture the intimacy and romance of the moment against the a canvas weathered cedar shingles, lush gardens, and the tranquil lull of ocean waves—a scene reminiscent of a bygone era, immortalized in each photograph.

The Alice Austen House can also serve as a captivating setting for commemorating any kind of event. From anniversary celebrations to family portraits and graduation photoshoots, the timeless elegance and scenic vistas of this historic landmark offer a rich tapestry for creating lasting memories. Whether posed against the backdrop of a historic lighthouse or framed by the silhouette of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, each photograph becomes a cherished memento, capturing the essence of joy, love, and the enduring spirit of Alice Austen's legacy.

The Conference House

The Conference House, nestled along the serene shores of Staten Island in New York, exudes an air of timeless elegance and historical significance, making it a coveted photo spot for weddings, engagements, and more! Steeped in rich history, this majestic mansion offers a captivating backdrop that seamlessly blends colonial charm with scenic beauty, creating an enchanting setting for capturing cherished moments.


One of the standout features of the Conference House is its stately architecture, which serves as a stunning focal point for wedding ceremonies and photo sessions alike. The grandeur of its Georgian-style facade, adorned with intricate details and lush greenery, provides an exquisite setting for couples to exchange vows and create lasting memories.

The Conference House boasts sprawling grounds that offer a myriad of enchanting photo opportunities. From manicured gardens and meandering pathways to sweeping views of the tranquil waters surrounding Staten Island, this historic estate offers a diverse range of settings to suit every couple's vision. Whether it's an intimate engagement shoot amidst blooming flowers or a lavish outdoor reception under the stars, the versatility of the Conference House ensures that every event is imbued with charm and sophistication.


For Staten Island residents seeking a truly iconic setting for their special day, the Conference House stands out as one of the premier Staten Island photo spots. Whether it's a romantic wedding ceremony in the elegant ballroom or a whimsical photo session in the lush gardens, this historic estate offers an unparalleled setting for creating timeless memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

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