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What Do I Need To Know About MY Wedding Flowers?

Introduction: Several years ago, as I embarked on the journey of planning my own wedding, the florist was among the final vendors to be chosen. Navigating through the world of flowers, we aimed for tasteful choices while staying within our budget. Here's a glimpse into the floral decisions that shaped the ambiance of our special day.

Budget-Friendly Elegance: To balance elegance and financial considerations, we discovered a clever tip. Opting for shorter flower arrangements was not only cost-effective but also practical – the florists does not need to collect the vases at the end of the night. If you opt for tall flowers the florist has to come back after the wedding to pick up the vases. A combination of short and tall vases won't be much of a difference in price.

The Allure of Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas emerged as our flower of choice, offering a delightful visual display. While not the most economical option, their aesthetic impact justified the choice. Complementing the hydrangeas, we incorporated filler flowers and a sprinkle of roses to create a balanced and captivating floral arrangement.

Navigating Colors for Photography: A crucial piece of advice we received was to avoid red roses or red flowers in general. This insight was rooted in the fact that these colors appear dark in photos, especially when the focus of the lighting is on the bride and groom. Opting for lighter hues ensured that our floral arrangements remained vibrant and beautifully captured in our wedding photographs.

A Personal Touch: For our wedding, we had the pleasure of working with Flowers by Bernard in Staten Island, NY. Irwin, our florist, was truly amazing. The flawless delivery to the Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey, added to the overall success of our floral vision. A florist's expertise, coupled with a willingness to invest time in understanding key details, is invaluable in creating the perfect floral atmosphere.

Conclusion: In the intricate tapestry of wedding planning, the floral arrangements stand out as a significant element. It's not just about selecting flowers; it's about the collaboration with a knowledgeable florist who can bring your vision to life, while trying to fit your price range. Finding a florist like Irwin, who is dedicated to educating and working closely with you, adds a layer of value that enhances the entire wedding experience.

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