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Paige & Johnathan's Engagement Photo Shoot

Updated: Mar 12


At the Nassau Coliseum Bridal Expo, Paige and Johnathan stumbled upon our wedding photography services in a delightful turn of events. Immediately enchanted by our unique style, the couple was eager to capture their special moments with dramatic and moody images. They emphasized the importance of selecting a location that perfectly matched their desired look. In their quest for a distinctive backdrop, the idea of a castle, a rarity in the United States, became a crucial factor in their decision-making process.

Luckily, I had been considering a captivating photo shoot at the Sands Point Preserve in the scenic Oyster Bay of Long Island. This location not only fulfilled Paige and Johnathan's wish for a castle but also featured the breathtaking Hempstead House, a historical masterpiece in its own right. The prospect of capturing the couple's love story against the grandeur of these unique structures was an opportunity that couldn't be resisted.

As the process unfolded seamlessly, Paige and Johnathan discovered that acquiring a photo permit granted them exclusive access to immortalize their love story within the enchanting walls of the Hempstead House and its vast grounds. The historical significance of the Hempstead House served as a perfect backdrop, aligning seamlessly with the couple's vision for dramatic photos that would stand the test of time.

However, recognizing that not every couple seeks the same level of drama in their wedding photographs, a word of caution was offered. Couples leaning towards a different ambiance were encouraged to explore alternatives to the Hempstead House. A more suitable recommendation, such as the Planting Fields Arboretum, was suggested for those desiring a more understated and serene backdrop for their intimate moments.

Faced with a delightful predicament, Paige and Johnathan embarked on the task of choosing from a variety of meticulously crafted photos for their save-the-date announcements. The Sands Point Preserve, with its castle and the historical allure of the Hempstead House, presented them with a plethora of visual treasures. While this abundance of options was a blessing, it also posed a charming challenge as the couple deliberated on which images would best encapsulate the essence of their love story and set the perfect tone for their upcoming nuptials.

In the end, Paige and Johnathan's journey, from a chance encounter at a bridal expo to the careful selection of a unique backdrop for their love story, mirrors the intricate and multifaceted nature of the decisions couples make as they embark on the thrilling adventure of wedding planning. Their steadfast commitment to finding the perfect setting is a testament to the importance they place on every detail, ensuring that their wedding day becomes a beautiful reflection of their unique love and shared dreams, expertly captured through our lens.


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