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Newborn photo session FAQ

Updated: May 23, 2023

Baby girl on a swing during a newborn photo session  in Staten Island New York, captured by photographer George Pompilio of Xclusive Events.

1. When, after the baby is born should I schedule my newborn shoot?

Newborn shoots are commonly scheduled prior to the baby being born. Newborn shoots typically occur within the first 10 days of the baby being born. At this time the baby is at its smallest and typically spend most of the day sleeping.

2. What safety precautions do you take during the shoot?

We wear a medical grade mask during the shoot and have the parents help to pose the baby. It is very rare that we would ever touch the baby. However, if we did, we would do so wearing medical grade gloves.

3. Do you supply the backgrounds and props?

We do supply the background and props. However, if there is something specific that you are looking for, that we don’t supply, you may supply it or we have the option to use a digital background.

4. How safe is it to hang a newborn from the swing in your photos?

We don’t actually hang the baby from a swing, instead we use a digital background.

5. What is a digital background edit?

We use a photo that we take during the newborn shoot and we super impose the baby into a photo with a beautiful background, such as a swing.

6. Are digital backgrounds included in my package?

Digital backgrounds are not included in your package, they are an add on.

7. Do I need a deposit to reserve my photo session?

Yes, a $100 deposit will be needed to reserve your photo session.

8. Do you supply the outfits?

We do not supply the outfits but do recommend that you coordinate with us so that we can use the best backdrops and prop combination.

9. How long does a photo session last for a newborn shoot?

Our standard fee covers up to 2.5 hours which may be needed if the baby is fussy.

10. If I would like to add more time to my newborn shoot what is the additional charge?

We charge $50 per additional half hour that is needed passed the 2.5 hour mark.

11. How many edits will I receive?

You will have the opportunity to choose 15 photos for us to edit. You will have access to all the photos taken. Digital background edits are an additional charge.

12. Will my photoshoot be in a studio?

Currenly we do not utilize a studio. All of our photoshoots are at our clients residences.

13. When will I receive my photos?

Typically you will receive the originals from your shoot within a few days. You should receive your edits approximately 10 days after you have selected your favorites in our online gallery.

14. What is the cost for an additional edit?

An additional edit is $30 per edit

15. What is the cost of a digital background edit?

The cost of a digital background edit is $75 per digital background edit.

16. Could I purchase a photo album?

Yes, photo albums are available. Pricing may vary based on the options and styles chosen.

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