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How Do I Choose My Wedding Photographer ?

Updated: May 24, 2023

Wedding couple at Vetro garden by Russo's on the Bay by photographer George Pompilio of Xclusive Events.

We have all been there, at some point in time we will get married or haver a momentious occasion where we need a photographer. With the internet and the pricing of entry level camera equipment decreasing, it seems like everybody is a photographer. Then the other side of the coin is the belief that if you have an expensive camera, automatically you can take amazing pictures, which couldn't be more from the truth. Actually if you don't really know how to use a DSLR or Mirrorless camera, understand the science of light or know how to edit photos, you're better off using an iPhone to take pictures.

Its seems as of late, the number one questions are" how much do you charge?" or "what are your packages?" These are important questions, but they should not be the sole focus. So let's discuss how we choose a wedding photographer. Did you know that there are different styles? Typically most decently priced photographers will use only natural light and a flash on top of the camera. We call these photographers "point and shoot photograpghers." A point and shoot photographer is limited in their ability be creative, not because they want to be but because they are bound to stagnation from the sun or limited by their flashes ability to point in few directions and create soft flattering light. A point and shoot photograpgher is limited in their abilty to create jaw dropping images. Why else would luxury photographers incorprate up to 5 off camera lights in an on location shoot? You're probally wondering what an off camera flash is? Well im sure you're familar that most photographers attach a flash to the top of their camera. Luxury photographers place flashs remotly around the subject to create stunning imagery via wireless controller, which will leave your friends and family saying "wow".

This type of photographer will also incorportate advanced editing techniques to turn your photos into artwork. You will also need to decide if you're looking for a photographer that will shoot more on the light and airy side, more dramatic or keep things pretty natural. Here at Xclusive Events we tend to shoot dramartic, with hints of whimisical and natural. Obviously pricing comes into play. If you're not looking to have your photos look like everyone elses, be prepared to spend a little more on the fine details. Your standard point and shoot photographer in the New York and New Jersey area is priced between $3000-$4500. Your more creative, higher end photographers are typically priced over $5000 and you may be wondering why? Dramatic photographers have to bring more equipment. Remember those extra external lights that they have to lug around all day? Did you know that a creative edit typically takes anywhere from 15 minutes-one hour to create? So this style of photography comes with a drastic increase in work load. Finally, luxury photogrpahers would typically have more expensive equipment which would help to provide you with more detailed sharper images.

Now you may be wondering where Xclusive Events Photography fits into this picture. We are simply bridging the gap between quality, affordabilty and creativity. A philosophy that is not typically seen in the wedding photogrpahy industry. Our prices typically range from $1750-$2500 for a 10 hour wedding. We use the highend Cannon industry standard which is known as the R5, a 45 mega pixel camera, equiped with multiple canon luxury lenses. We also provide our clients with a combination of photos that are taken with natural light, multiple off camera flashes, and on camera flash. In addition, our clients are provided multiple advanced edits known as "signnature edits". This comes full circle so we can provide the upmost quality. In conclusion, we are a boutique wedding photography company that provides exclusivity to their clients. If you need further asisstance, please don't hesistate to reach out.

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