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How are off camera flash photographers different from on camera flash photographers?

Updated: May 23, 2023

When looking for the right photographer, we typically search through Instagram for our favorite photo and stumble upon a photographer that blows us away. We don’t really stop to think about how a photo is created, but instead understand that this particular photographer can create these images. Without seeing a photo, I can clearly say that most creative photos will most likely be created with an off camera flash. I’m not talking about an engagement photo where the photographer takes a picture through an engagement ring. I’m talking about lighting creativity.

(The image above was taken with an on camera flash)

Typically, on camera flash photographers create photos with very flat lighting. On Camera flash photos lack shadows. Shadows add depth and dimension. When your using an off camera flash, you can make photos that take place in the ugliest settings look nice. With the use of off camera flash, you add a hair light to your subject or give the impression the sun was out during your shoot. The possibilities are endless and off camera flash photography is the perfect way to create unforgettable photos.

(The image below was taken with an off camera flash)

Creative wedding photo session in Staten Island New York at Sliver lake park, captured by photographer George Pompilio of Xclusive Events.

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