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Do I Need To Have My Hair & Make Up Done for a photoshoot?

Updated: May 23, 2023

Lets think back to our favorite movies. What is one thing that they all have in common? It’s simple, each actor and actress has some level of hair and make up done. You make say “They are making a multimillion dollar film.” If you did, you are correct. Hollywood movies are like the “gold standard”. They are made with the highest levels of thought and preparation, to create a master piece.

So how does this translate to my one hour photo session? Well lets think about it like this, you are already spending a fee for your photo session and dedicating time to show up, shouldn’t we do our best to create photos that are our “master pieces”? Hair and make up helps to propel an average photo into becoming an exceptional photo. On a photo, a photographer is able to make adjustments to frame it, to bring it to the next level. But, once the photo session is over and it becomes time to cullue through the photos, if the subject’s hair is frizzy or should have had a hair cut a month ago, the photographer is limited on what they can do to turn this into a “masterpiece”.

It is very common for most women to not wear make up or not know how to apply make up. My best suggestion is to have your make up professionally applied along with having your hair professionally styled. Make up helps to add a three dimensional look to your photo. It adds contours to the face. This will in fact level up your photos.

Engagement at Buckley's of Brooklyn captured by photographer George Pompilio of Xclusive Events.

We live in an age where facial hair for men is considered the style. If you’re an individual that typically has a beard, go to the barber and have it cleaned up. Stray, uneven facial hairs will, in fact, degrade the luxury and value of your photos. If you are someone who typically does not have facial hair, make sure that you don’t have a 5’oclock shadow during the shoot.

A common question from many of my clients is “Can’t you just photoshop it? In many situations you could, however photographers either charge hourly or by the image. This can become very expensive very quickly, a lot more expensive then hair and make up. While we are on the topic of photoshopping, don’t forget to iron the wrinkles out of your clothes and lint roll them as well. We use an ultra HD camera that can easily pick up lint or the tinniest of details, such as dry skin, so don’t forget to moisturize and use chapstick.

In conclusion, our best photos have always been the photos where the subject pays attention to detail. The photographer will handle the lighting, the posing, and the composition. Please make sure that you handle the hair, make-up and attire. This will help to create stunning images and capture unforgettable memories.

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